Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia.

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The full footage of Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia in Constanza, Romania.

(look at the new footage of Anastasia’s OMG face in the third row!) 

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In winter she [Alix] and the children would often go out in a four-seater sledge.  At such times little Anastasia, already an irrepressible clown, would ‘slip down under the bear-rug…and sit, clucking like a hen or barking like a dog’, imitating Aera, Alexandra’s nasty  little dog…Sometimes the girls would sing as the sledge rolled along, ‘the Empress giving the keynote’ to which from under the bear rug Anastasia would often offer up an accompanying ‘boom, boom, boom’, asserting ‘I’m a piano’.

Four Sisters: The Lost Lives of the Romanov Grand Duchessess by Helen Rappaport

» Anna Karenina Book Analasis


Instead of creating a jumbled article/post in which one tries to prove Anna Karenina is not a love story, am going to go ahead and skip that debate (there is plenty of in-depth articles on this) and go into detail on what AK is truly about: happiness, and allowing your…




I’ve seen a few fashion posts trying to expand the “Marie Antoinette is not Victorian” rant, but this stuff can get complicated, so here is a semi-comprehensive list so everyone knows exactly when all of these eras were.

Please note that this is very basic and that there are sometimes subcategories (especially in the 17th century, Jacobean, Restoration, etc).

Handy, basic visual reference tool.

Then it becomes The Great War, inter-war, The War, The Cold War, the “holy shit not that much war this decade”, and The War on Terror.

Self portraits by Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia. 1920.


Get To Know Me Meme (royalist edition) - [1/5] royal siblings ♔ 

Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia. Like the fingers on a hand — first headstrong Olga, then Tatiana the tallest, Maria most hopeful for a ring and Anastasia the smallest. These are the daughters of Tsar Nicholas II, Russian grand duchesses living a life steeped in tradition and privilege. For these young women each on the brink of beginning their own lives at the mercy of royal matchmakers, summer 1914 promises to be a precious last wink of time to be sisters together sisters that still link arms and laugh, sisters that share their dreams and worries, and flirt with the officers of their imperial yacht.

But in a gunshot the future changes — for them, and for Russia.


Empress Alexandra Feodorovna

Lady Londonderry visited Russia in 1837 and was told of the Empress  ‘ that for the twenty years she has been in this country she has given so much happiness and she has never done harm to a soul.’

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